General Services:
  • Academics, Arithmetic, Reading, Writing, Computer Lessons, Spelling, History, Geography, Science, Spanish, Music, Arts & Crafts, Free Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack.

  • Extended Care, Potty Training, Before and After School homework help

  • Payment Subsidized Programs: Gain, State, County, Cal Works, Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Crystal Stairs, First 5, City of Norwalk, Welfare, and Private.

  • Age Groups: Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, After School

  • Field Trips: L. A. County Zoo, Children's Museum, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Los Angeles County Fair, San Diego Zoo, La Brea Tar Pits, Parks, Library, Police Station, Fire Station, and much more.

  • Program Academicos Lectura, Escritura, Ciencia, Espanol, Musica y Actividades Son Disponibles, Despues de Las Horas Clases, Ortografia, Aritmetica Comida Nutritiva Del Pago De Registracion Cuando Usted Presente Este Cuidado Despues De Clases Instruccion de Como Usar El Bano Atencion Especial Para Cada Nino Cupon "Durante Registracion" Limite Uno Por Cada Nino Programas Educativos Precios Bajos.


    Joyland Preschool Curriculum for the 22nd Century emphasizes the development of Essential Cognitive Foundations and academic skills within a context of interesting, meaningful activities and a positive, supportive environment. As a high quality, developmentally appropriate curriculum, Joyland's Curriculum moves substantially beyond the debates that have characterized early childhood education and philosophy for a number of years.

    Joyland Preschool's Curriculum is designed to be appropriate for children of different learning abilities, including those who might be labeled gifted, those who might be labeled demographically at risk and in need of compensatory education, and those who are so typical as to be labeled normal.
    Overview of Academics
    . Ages 2 - 3 Years: Foster learning through repetition
    . Ages 3 - 3.5 Years: Focus on patterns that are
       memorable and repetitive.
    . Ages 3.5 - 4 Years: Short sentences and strong picture
       matches boost reading skills.














    Through Joyland's Education program each child will be provided the opportunity to:
    Develop a Healthy, Positive self-image
    Develop self-expression through creative
              media, dramatics, music, storytelling, block
              building, and other forms of play.
    Develop Communicative Skills
    Develop self-control, self-direction, and
    Develop social skills through group interaction
    Develop intellectually through a balance of
              teacher directed and free choice activities
    Develop and strengthen auditory skills, visual
              acuity, and rhythm awareness
    Increase attention span and follow simple
    Practice thoughtful and courteous behavior
    Develop fine and gross motor skills
    Develop an awareness of physical fitness and
              good health habits
    Develop moral and aesthetic values
    Develop a respect for individual and cultural
    Experience a high degree of success through
              developmental activates
    Assume responsibilities in given tasks

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